Best way to use freecodecamp?

Whats the best way to use freecodecamp and get myself job-ready? Should I make a project after I finish the first two cert of freecodecamp? Should I go find a community where I can get involved? For people who have done freecodecamp and gotten a job in web development, what would you recommend I do?

Another question, how do I start building a network if I don’t have any?

Sorry if this isn’t the right subform, thought it would be better to post on career advice rather than general.

There really is no “do things this way, and you will get a job” you can absolutely do a project after the first certifications. In fact the best way to learn is by building your own projects because it forces you to look/research and do more critical thinking when you’re not following a step by step guide. Have something you are passionate about, or interested in? Then try and make a website for it. Best way to learn.

There are plenty of communities out there you could join. When you feel like you are ready, FCC also relies on contributors to help make the site better. If you find an issue you think you could fix or help with then thats always good experience.

If you dont have a linkedIn then get one. Linkedin is not like facebook where you add someone because you know them. If you find someone on there that you think can help you get a job with the network they have then shoot them a message and add them. 90% of my network in there I have never met, or spoken a word to before they added me. However, they see I have a job as a software developer in a company they are interested in. So, I get people adding me all the time and asking me if I can pass a long their resumes, they ask me questions about the job, etc. You can absolutely do the same thing. Most people are going to be more than willing to answer questions you ask them.


Hello @ProConSnake,
You have landed at the right forum because this community is meant for developers and tech-geeks. It is great to see that you have successfully completed certifications from freecodecamp. You will learn different insights on coding and tech world. Also, if you are stuck in any web related projects, feel free to connect with the community members. We all are here to help each other.

As far as engagement is concerned, don’t worry! Just put regular posts and actively participate in every Q&A. In this manner, you will build connections.

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