Nevermind. I found out

Hello folks

Nevermind. I found out.

Cant understand whats your real problem is. Is it the scrollbar of body

I dont know why you are over engineering this. Simply set the height of body as 100vh and margin of body 0 . It will remove the overflow


Please don’t erase posts like this. This forum isn’t just for your benefit. Others could have benefited from this thread. It also is a slap in the face to @adramelech who took the time to try to help you. Even if you figured it out on your own, you could have provided your solution and helped other learners.

Please don’t do this. If everyone did this, the forum would be a graveyard of deleted posts.

True. But also, I’m sure his posts were more of a slap in the face to me, than mine were to him.

People can learn from your mistakes as well. Nearly every post on here is someone that misunderstood something. That is part of learning.

Hey @kevinSmith I appreciate your words.

Bruh I have just asked why you are depending js when you can fix the problem using css easily. Gaining new knowledge is a slap for you ? [Redacted by Mod] I’ve been here for almost 6 months. I had asked stupid questions but there was some good people like @kevinSmith to correct me. I still asks stupid questions and I’m not ashamed to learn from my mistakes. Mistakes make you perfect there is nothing to be ashamed of just accept your mistakes.

All meaningful content has been removed from his thread and is now become bickering. I’m closing the thread.