New blog for web developers...SERVER SIDE!

A new blog has just opened, dedicated to server-side work :fireworks:

We owe it to @michaelhenderson , who is immensely available to comments, suggestions and questions you may have.

It’s brand new and fresh so people, go, have a look, and make it live !

It’s called and it is very promising :slight_smile:


“Hosting Your Own Website From Home” - didn’t want to setup a wordpress account …

I like this, but why home host when you’re using cloudflare also? This “solution” is just a way of easing people into a paid solution. Just host offsite and be done with it.

I would much prefer to vpn host internally (intranet) at home/office. A walk-through of setting up a home/office intranet/VPN server in Ubuntu would be awesome.

Funny, I didn’t read it that way, I just thought “cool, that’s one way of doing it, looking forward to reading his next articles” :slight_smile:

Cool - I can’t imagine how much there is to write about working with servers - I guess there must be a list of stuff to write !

cloud flare is simply managing the DNS - its not hosting your site in anyway. how is this a “way of easing people into a paid solution” ?

also, what do you mean “you dont want to setup a wordpress account” ? there is not one part of the tutorial that says you have to setup a wordpress account?

the DNS mgmt. can be done for pennies with your domain seller. All is well. Easy …

I didn’t want to setup a WP account just to comment on your write-up, so I came back to the source link and posted my thoughts here.

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Yeah, I thought I’d have a problem with my other WP accounts (deads blogs that never lived :yum:) but it’s actually completely separate and it’s just a username and a password.

no all domain providers offer DNS management for free. That is why the tut runs DNS through cloudflare.