Hosting provider in west africa?

hey everyone
do you know any affordable web hosting in west africa?
im working on a side project and i cant pay more than 10 or 12$/month.

Hi, Use Netlify.

any body here used ???
they have a 7 day trial and good reviews!

No. But you asked for “web hosting” not “VPS hosting”. VPS hosting can be cheaper, but you have to create your own web hotel - sort of.

And where your site geographically is, can be less important if you use CDN (Cloudflare etc) to cache your site.

thx alot.
i think vps is a better option for me according to my budget.

I switched from web hosting to VPS several years ago, but it was not an easy task. You must know about DNS, Nginx (or similar), uploading, firewalls etc. But I do not regret my move as my server is not shared by others.

If you have the skills and time, this is a good move. But if the budget is the main reason, I doubt that this is a good option for you.

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thank you very much.
i think i can take care of those.
:pray: :pray: :pray:
do you have a checklist(or something like that) for finding a good quality vps provider?

Not really. But some points are:

  1. ssh root access is a must.
  2. And find a host that not lock you in for years
  3. Avoid low price first year and expensive following years.
  4. Speed and uptime should be as good as possible.
  5. And check the simplicity of their control panel.
  6. And better select a bigger player than a small without resources.

Personally I avoid the big three (AWS, Google, Azure). Not because they are bad, but because I could not figure out what the price was. Their price lists are unbelievably huge.

My favorite is UpCloud, but I should also consider Digital Ocean, Linode or Vultr. They all have servers around the world.

Create some test accounts and find out what you like.

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