I would like to learn how to manage VPS to host my websites

I am using windows in my laptop.
I want to use VPS to host my website.
I do not know Linux and after Goggling I’ve realized that most people are recommending Ubuntu or CentOS.
All I need to do is to setup VPS, secure it, then add my website.
Does there is any way to learn how to do it step by step?
I mean like what FreeCodeCamp for coding?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
Mohamed GadAllah

I really recommend you checkout Digital Ocean. They have so much documentation on how to do things! Read up on it so it doesn’t confuse you because before i knew what digital ocean was, it confused me.


Thanks Michael,
You were able to setup the full VPS from AtoZ using their documentations?
I mean for everything like security and follow up …etc till your websites are up and running.
I forget to mention that I’ve read that Linode.com is the best VPS provider, but I am newbie to judge but this is what I’ve read.

yes, start to finish, very detailed documentation and security walkthrough. When i created my droplet (vps server) i received an email with a security walk through and everything.

You can use Free tier on Amazon Cloud with 1GB Ram , 10GB data . Auto install Lamp or Wordpress on it. If you need bigger VPS with cheap price , i recommend contabo vps.