Web Hosting... has anyone hosted a potfolio with Digital Ocean VPS?

Hi all!

I figure that it is time to start learning about server management, and at $5/mo the digital ocean deal seems a good start.


I also want to be able to quickly and easily get all my simple front end pages up and running again. Then ideally I can play around with configuring databases etc in my own time, on the same host that my simple portfolio stuff is hosted on.
Previously I used hostgator shared hosting with the filezilla drag and drop interface. That seemed to work fine. Will I be able to do something similar with digital ocean?

Or should I consider again just paying for some simple shared hosting, and paying for a more complex one as a separate service? Any advice appreciated!

DigitalOcean, while affordable, is not as easy as shared hosting when it comes to setup, configuration and management. To make the process easier, you can go with managed services for PHP sites, like Cloudways platform, where you can launch a DigitalOcean server in one click without having to manually configure the server or setup stack.

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