What web host features should I look for?


If I’m going to stick to the languages taught in FCC, what features do I need to look for in a web host?

In particular I want to use the KeystoneJS Javascript based CMS to make managing small client sites easier, and I believe they uses Express.js and MongoDB. Does that mean that PHP/MySQL hosts (the majority) are not a good fit?


Your largest requirement will be for something that 1) supports Node.js and 2) you can ssh into the server if needed. My opinion is to go ahead and steer away from your traditional web host and look into a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Most VPS’s are installed with some type of linux distribution, so this would require you to learn the command line, but it’s a great skill to have. Below are some links of VPS hosting along with a blog on VPS offers to get you started for cheap and to practice if needed.