New buggy feature instantly debugging code

There seems to be a new feature that automatically tried to notify me that my code is incorrect.
E.G - If I delete a closing bracket to input anything then I am unable to click anywhere else or do anything unless I put in a closing bracket. Often this appears at the end of my answer despite the issue appearing anywhere.

  • If I need to type a variable name I type the name but it ends up backwards

There are may other annoying parts to it. How can I turn it off?

It’s happening on the ES6 topic, I haven’t checked other topics yet but I hope there’s an option to turn it off!


are you on a touch device? I don’t have any issue with it, I can make a syntax error and then make other changes with no issue.

those showed are normal errors that the code give back when executing, just freecodecamp make the code execute everytime you change something.

No laptop, the issue persisted even on VSCode studio afterwards so I guess this wasn’t a FCC issue afterall, I kinda jumped the gun there!

Restarting my computer solved the issue.
Thank you for your reply though!

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Glad you solved the issue! Happy Coding!