New chrome browser - cannot log in, only create new account

ok, so i’ve downloaded chrome (on an ipad) in order to use the prescribed coding environment for the web design task.

i cannot seem to log in on this browser without first creating a new account. i normally use firefox.

could someone explain to what this issue is all about, and how i could solve it please?

you can use the sign in button to log in

if you use a log in method that uses the email address you used the first time you will log in to your account

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thank you! and sorry for posting such a basic question too. clearly most websites have a sign up or sign in option, but code camp like to keep us on our toes.

no spoon feeding here. all the way down to the sign in box…

i’m having the same problem with the forum now, logged in on same account in chrome. and it’s trying to create a new username. even though i am using the same email address as in firefox, as per always.

code camp what is going on…

I’m not sure what you mean. You can log in with your freeCodeCamp account, forum username, or email address.