New Macbook: Advice on Setting up Wed Development Environment

Hey y’all,

So I decided to go ahead and purchase a macbook pro today so that I could have a dedicated machine for web development and software development in general. Previously, I was using my asus chromebook and running crouton on it to get ubuntu - xfce.

My question is, what would you tools and softwares would you guys recommend to set up a decent web development enviroment on mac? I already have my text editor atom set up and a couple productivity apps.


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First, install Homebrew.

Then next, install Node and Npm.

And once you have these basics, you can pretty much install/upgrade any other software/package easily using either npm or brew.


brew intall git 
brew install node
npm install -g bower

Once in a while, do a

brew update
brew upgrade

to upgrade your packages to the latest versions. It’s that easy.

To uninstall a package, just do a

brew uninstall <package name>

brew uninstall yarn