New One page portfolio site with React

Please let me know what you think? Would you call me for an interview after seeing this?? Why? / Why not? All feedback welcome and very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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You have lots of links to social media but many of these have little content.
Click “here” links are not accessible ->

The FCC projects you have done could do with more description / promotion (if you want to be a coder).

@JohnnyBizzel thank you for the feedback. I cannot believe I did not address that click ‘here’ link. Thank you for pointing that out!

May I ask which projects and descriptions you are referring to; Within the portfolio or the codepen ‘pens’ themselves? I would really appreciate if you could possibly give me an example of what would be better or at least more appropriate based on what you have said. Thank you in advance!

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The bit inside the codepen section I don’t like. It’s like an after thought.
Why not a box for each one?

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The ul’s feels a little low effort. Also I’m curious why you don’t set a font-family? I would give typography much higher importance.

Hmmm… I see.

That makes sense. I will make each of the projects their own square. @JohnnyBizzel thank you again for the feedback!! I really appreciate it.

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@lasjorg I tried not to over-focus on style before function. I agree with you regarding the typography though I should place a higher importance on that.

Regarding what you said about the UI… What do you think would make it better. I did not want to add excess but I also am not completely satisfied with my product. Have you seen a portfolio that has a better UI design. I would really appreciate it if you could share a link so that I can learn from it.

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I was talking about the UL's not the UI, i should have capitalized and put a code tag on it. They are pretty much just using the default style. Lists can be made interesting, again typography is a part of it.

I would change the way you are displaying information about the projects, i have no silver bullet, there are many ways you can do it, i just don’t like the look of the typography and ULs (not sure I’m super crazy about some of the color mixes either). Then i would give the about page some more love, again i can’t tell you what to do, just that it looks bland right now.

Let me just say design is hard, I suck at it. If i don’t directly get some inspiration and just do things off the cuff it rarely ends well. Copying something is not stealing as long as you make it your own, in your style, in your way. Nothing is original anymore just variations.

These are just google searches, nothing you can’t find yourself, but anyway.

Hover effect

List design

Portfolio design

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LOL I see.

@lasjorg Thank you for pointing that out. I will work on the <ul> 's and try to come up with a good idea for them.

I have updated the portfolio to try and address some of my shortcomings with the feedback I have received so far. I hope to improve upon it as I add more information to it. (especially with some interesting effects - like what you linked). This is the link to the stand alone address.

Thank you again for the feedback I really appreciate it.

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