New React Project - MUI or Tailwind or ..?

Hi there!
I am starting a new personal project with the objective to practice React.

The web app will be a sort of booking accommodation sort of simplified Airbnb.

I could style using CSS but I want to use a framework like MUI or Tailwind for 2 reasons:

  1. Speed up the styling and save time with responsiveness
  2. Learn a popular framework that also can be requested too.

The question is:
Which one should I choose?

Could you please share your opinion and give peace of advice?

Many Thanks

There will be a learning curve for both.

With a component library, you have to code less, both in CSS and React. With Tailwind you can do it all by hand but it will take more effort even with all the CSS classes written for you. The two approaches are not really comparable.

If you want to focus more on the core of the React app a component library might be the right approach to take, you will give up some control in return for more premade code. If you want more control Tailwind is still able to greatly assist in not having to write so much CSS but you are also required to write more components yourself.

Apps written using component libraries tend to look more similar, with Tailwind you can make it look more custom.

Learning Tailwind is a good idea so you should look into it at some point no matter what.

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Thanks for sharing your opinion.
I actually want to focus more on the core of the React app and improve my skills. It’s maybe a good idea to go with MUI. What do you think?

In terms of job opportunities, what is more in demand? MUI or Tailwind?

If it is for learning, you would probably write the components yourself. But if the main focus is on the end result and you want to get to that quicker, a component library will do just that.

I would say Tailwind.

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Thank you for the clarification!

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