New to coding advice

I want to learn Flutter and Dart. Would a Chromebook be a suitable computer to code on?

It’s possible, as Chromebooks can primarily leverage online IDE’s to accomplish their goals, and leverage online infrastructure to make up for their limited specs. Some worth mentioning:

You could install Linux on your Chromebook and try to use some local tools there, but few Chromebooks have enough power to make such approaches worth-wild.

Finally, you can always use your Chromebook as a “learning machine” and watch/learn/use online tutorials and resources to learn the language and use some of those online IDE tools, but you’ll always lose out on the flexibility and straight forwardness of having everything locally under your control, which is where Chromebooks don’t excel, and they usually have very weak performance specs, making Linux focus local development very slow and weak.

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.


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