Free HTML editor on Chromebook

Hi, so I am just getting into coding with html and i’m trying to find some free html editors online. I’ve found a few, but they don’t support some of the code I want to use, such as creating classes. Can you guys suggest some for me that will be supported on a chrome book device?

You can download vs Code.


Use google and search for “ide for chromebook”

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Yeah you should do some research first. Because vs Code is great, alibet the full version of it is still limited to Windows machines. But I’m pretty sure it’s non-windows version is enough for most people.

VSCode is cross-platform (in this case, Linux, as it will run via the container on the Chromebook), it’s not Windows-specific at all and it doesn’t have a full/limited version. Are you talking about Visual Studio?

Yes, I read a bit about it here

Visual Studio Code is not the non-windows or stripped-down version of Visual Studio (which is available on Linux anyway, so technically it should work on a Chromebook, though for CPU/RAM reasons you’re very unlikely to want to do that).

I though Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio were two the same thing.


  • VSCode is a cross-platform general purpose text editor, with plugins that bring it close to an IDE.
  • VS is an IDE, primarily for development using Microsoft’s CLR languages (C#, F#, VB plus C++) and MS frameworks (.Net, Xamarin, etc)
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If you want to work on HTML/JS/CSS in smaller projects on a chromebook I recommend not installing anything, and using online IDE/tools.

Sites like

are a few among many, where you can use your browser to leverage online tools to learn and work on web development projects. This list isn’t exhaustive, as there are plenty of other tools of similar caliber.

Beyond this there are other posts that go into web development on a chromebook

Here is a popular post that has a lot of answers that are still relevent today:

Finally, if your serious about web development I recommend:

  • Getting a machine with higher end specs, preferably not a chromebook
  • Even with a higher end chromebook, you need to be able to enable Linux support to get full on developer tools and a full dev environment.

Cloud tools/apps/sites will get you far if your starting out, but they wont replace an actual development environment.

PS. I am a chromebook enthusiast, and have built a few projects using just online tools. I generally don’t recommend taking this route for full projects, but it is possible. Its also a great platform for getting started and learning once you know what tools are available to use out on the web :slight_smile:


This is very useful, Thanks mate

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