Which Editor/IDE for web development?

I use an external monitor connected to an old laptop for all my work, which suffers a, seemingly unfixable, font rendering issue common to all Chromium backed editors(VS Code/Atom/Brackets/etc) https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/6196#issuecomment-341091305, so I’m currently limited to Notepad++ which works well so far but I doubt it will be sufficient for advanced development tasks.

So, what are my options for serious work before considering paid tools like Webstorm or Sublime? I’m on Windows 8.1 x64.

Great - another IDE bikeshedding topic! :expressionless:


indeed lol

That said I use sublime text 3.

EDIT. Should probably clarify why.

There is really no definite code editor. I just sublime text 3 because it boots up really fast and has plugin support.
Thats all I really need. I also like the way it looks.

You do realize the OP stated that they can’t use VS Code/Atom/Brackets/etc?

@alper6, have you tried Visual Studio Community? I’m not talking about the VS Code version, but the actual community edition of VS. It’s not really made for JavaScript and its ecosystem, but it has some features that may be better than notepad++.

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Have you tried Eclipse or NetBeans? Supposedly those work for Web development, even though they started out as IDEs for non-web programming. There’s also Aptana Studio, but I don’t know what it’s powered by. Also Sublime Text 3, which someone else mentioned, but isn’t an IDE proper, and I know isn’t technically “free”, but you don’t really need to pay for it to use it.

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Can you use a web-browser? If so, you can use Cloud9.

How is the free option? Would it be enough for beginner-level development?

If you are asking about c9.io? Yes


I’ve been trying to get Chrome debugging in VS Code working for a while, to no avail. Could you please send me your configuration portion of the launch.json file. I think I am getting something very simple wrong.

Atom is great and free. Sublime you can use for free for the most part. Webstorm is pretty solid too, and they’ll give you a free subscription if you’re a student.

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@astv99 First off, thank you, you’re one of very few who actually read before posting a reply.

I’d love to use Eclipse (it’s fast, uses GDI rendered fonts that looks great on old hardware) however its Javascript tools are quite rudimentary (and does not seem to be improving).
Aptana is Eclipse based but it should be better, I’ll have a look at it, thanks for reminding.
Netbeans is somewhat better, but the last I checked it worked with a specific version of Node only, and in general NB feels Oracle customer focused, I also think its future is uncertain.

On a slightly tangent suggestion, have you thought about upgrading to Windows 10? It’s a free upgrade.

VS code and Visual Studio works great on it.

I finally decided to get WebStorm and I will NEVER look back! Check these out to get a better idea fo what it can do: https://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/documentation/. Here is a bunch of youtubes that you can watch to see why it is the best IDE ever. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ176FUIyIUYnLuYVKM6JhVd6ukPgzdW7. that way you will see why the price is justified.

i will say, Sublime Text and sometimes notepad++ , if you are looking for more web development IDE then check this list

You can use it for free.

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