New to Coding_Help Needed with Porfolio Page

Hello - thank you in advance for your help. I am having style issues with figuring out HTML/CSS in what codes to use. Here is what I have so far:

Part of the problem is that I am not familiar with the terminology to successfully look up on Google. I am trying to do the following:

  1. Put my text in the Header to the Right Side
  2. Have text over my first image with my picture with my name and a quick one-liner
  3. Putting my Sections “About, Portfolio, My Life, Contact Me, Where to Find Me” into bars of a different color where they are on the website
    (not sure if they are called bars or not)
  4. Can the Placeholders/Projects just be images for now and do they need to connect to another website?
  5. For my “My Life” section, I have four mini sections: Learning is Power, Volunteering, Living Abroad, Zen Life Now - I would like to be able to organize these four sections into a rectangle display and have two columns and rows
    (not sure what words to describe this)
  6. For the “Contact Me” section, how do you make it so that someone can write their information on it?
  7. For some reason, my copyright is linking to my LinkedIn page - how can I take this off?

Attached are ideas that I would like to implement into my page:

Thank You!

Thank you for the insight and the link! I will go through this website as my next step! :smiley:

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Yeah, Shay’s site is great. Everybody should go through his tutorial. I’m also a big fan of the Udacity HTML & CSS course.

Thank you for suggesting Udacity - I’ve been looking for other sites to learn and this is great!