Portfolio Page - Material, Clean design ... Feedback please

Hi all,

Please could you provide me some feedback on areas that i could improve my portfolio page.
I wanted to keep to a very simple design, I think i achieved this well. But there is always scope to improve. :slight_smile:


Many thanks!

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I think it’s very good.


Replace the group photo with a more personal one…

Remove “limited” from description of your front end knowledge…(sell yourself)…

Change “I have self taught” to “I am self taught”…

I’m not sure where your from, but I believe that in the United States, “learned” is more commonly used and accepted as the correct spelling of the past tense of “learn”.

Just some thoughts for you.
Thumbs up! It’s very clean.

I think it looks great and agree with the other commenters about your choice of photo and word-content.

  • You may wanted to correct “CopyRight” to “Copyright” since it’s one word. I’m not an expert here, but copyright statements usually incorporate the name of the copyright holder (i.e., Copyright 2016 Oliver Harvey)

  • Portfolio is also misspelled in your navigation bar - it should say “Personal Portfolio”, and not “Personal Portfilio”

  • It appears that you’e using UK standard English spelling which is fine, assuming that aligns with your audience. This is something to keep in mind if you opt to implement @P1xt 's content suggestions, as it uses US standard spelling.

  • You may want to consider updating your “Portfolio” section header to match the formatting of your “Contact” section header (left-justified with background color and white text). Doing so may provide a more cohesive design style while allowing your name to stand-out as unique in the header.

Overall, I really like it. The color choices, design style, and icons are all clean, modern and appealing. Great job!

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Looking good. I love the design. It seems both professional and friendly, and the color looks radiant. Congrats on your project completion.

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@P1xt - Thanks for the feedback, I have used your about me text - I can sometimes under sell myself.

@puzl3d - I have made my image, more personalised! I don’t like that i cant host my images on codepen without going to the pro option… :frowning: Also i was using the UK spelling, as that is where I’m located.

I really appreciate all of the feedback guys, helps me improve! :slight_smile:

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@crazycheewawa I have taken your feedback, and attempted to make the improvements. Starting with the copyright changes (i put that in for completeness) and ending with the Portfolio section header changes.

@grogmate Thanks mate!

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Your page is esthetically pleasing and you took everyone’s advice well. Good work.

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