Your feedback will be greatly appreciated (Portfolio Page)

This took me way too long to do, so I am interested in your feedback. There are still a few things I want to change. The navigation bar is still not to my liking. Nevertheless, I want to move onto other challenge and would like your feedback to help me grow from this project.

Many thanks in advance. My Portfolio Page

Love the look! The colorful pictures in the background are a nice touch :slight_smile:

Just a few notes-
-I’m kind of confused because the header says your individual name and then the subheaders use the pronoun “we” in the titles. Were you working with someone else or is this a page for a company you have? You might want to clarify this.
-I think it would be better if the project thumbnails were clickable links. For example, when you hover over the tribute page it says “want to see this page?” but when I clicked it nothing happened.

Excellent points. I will make those adjustments right away. Thank you so much.


A very beautiful Portfolio, i like how you use casual and easy going language at the contact page, background images well suited, a small piece of advice, the “back to the top” button on your portfolio page stretches all the way to the end and kinda looks out of place, so maybe adjust it a little, other than that a job well done.

Great feedback. I will look into that Back to the Top problem, Many thanks.