Improved portfolio - what do you think?

I designed my first portfolio back in April, but wanted something much simpler and prettier so I designed a new one.

What do you think? Any bugs? Things I should improve?

I like the new layout! :slight_smile:

About Page:
-I think the logos for the HTML5, CSS3, and JS are a bit large. Shrink them just a little bit so that page reads more smoothly

Projects Page:
-Brighten the thumbnails a little bit. You want people to see the preview of your work clearly :wink:

Contact Page:
-How did you get those icons for GitHub and FreeCodeCamp? I really like them and want to use them in my portfolio, if that’s alright with you

Thanks for your suggestions!

I want to brighten the thumbnails, but the projects themselves have muted/gray color schemes so I don’t know how… Maybe change the borders up a bit?

As for the icons, they’re from Font Awesome! Just search up “fa-github-square” and “fa-fire”. :slight_smile:

Really nice portfolio I like the color scheme its clean and effective, I like the button to return to the top of the portfolio as well FYI im going to have to borrow that blue you have on the footer really like it.

Very Nice! I’ve added it to the FCC Projects Hall of Fame (

Keep up the great work!