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Hello everyone!
My name is Isaac and I was wondering what would be the most optimal route for me to better my skills as a full stack developer. I currently am beginner/intermediate with HTML5/CSS3/PHP. I’m currently building a portfolio site and have worked on a small handful of projects using the above languages. Any input or advice you may have for me is greatly appreciated!

I think that there is no perfect path. Just learn and build things. That is the most important thing. Just keep learning new skills. Pick a logical tech stack and try to learn it well and build things.

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what kind of stuff do you build or how do you get ideas to build?

Don’t worry about great ideas. Don’t worry about original ideas. Just build things. Small things. Large things. Whatever. You are trying to learn how to code and show that you know how to code. You are not trying to show that you are a great idea person. They would rather see a silly idea put together well than a great idea that doesn’t.

Maybe a great idea will come to you one day. Until then, just build stuff so when you have a great idea, you’ll be ready.

When I was learning I just picked silly apps that I wanted. I was having trouble with timing international phone calls so I made an app to find good times. I was thinking about moving to Europe so I built an app to quiz people on imperial/metric conversions. I later converted that to React Native which led me onto the path to get my current job.

Just pick a stack, learn it well, study, and build crap.

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In my opinion we need to define and understand our goal. What is yours?