New user of Ubuntu - need advice

Starting at school this year with programming and decided to install the new Ubuntu on my 5 year old windows machine. I have both of the os installed, but the plan is to use Linux. Any advices for a beginner? Web pages that anyone suggest to get information? Communities that is great for Linux help? I would appreciate to get any advice. :blush:


I would suggest the reddit or even here you may be able to find help.

Then there’s the ubuntu stack exchange where you can find almost every question solved :laughing:.

If the purpose of it is programming, I would advice you to get acquainted with the terminal. In my experience (and I know many others), the terminal helps you solve problems faster and easier. In the beginning it may seem hard, but once you memorize the basic commands (cd, ls (lower case L), tail, journalctl, systemctl) it gets easier.

That’s all I can think of right now, so I hope it helps :slight_smile:.

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The thing with Linux is… you just sort of have to be prepared to be breaking things on a semi-regular interval. You’ll get a bunch of conflicting advice online, almost no one’s answer will perfectly work in your situation. You’ll want to take time to look into the reasoning of the advice you get and just sort of try things until it works. Especially when you’re first learning your way around, I advise backing up everything you care about external to your computer. Learning your way around a Linux PC often involves re-imaging it and starting fresh.


I have ubuntu installed on my old laptop, I am at the third fresh install! Last time it started giving a weird error and stopped updating and installing things, and I have no idea why (probably from my experimenting…)! So just scrapped it and started anew.

don’t be afraid to try different flavours, there are a few to try

If you are doing it for programming, start familiarising yourself with git, open a github account or equivalent and save everything up there (and also git is a required skill)

You could delete your entire disk memory with the wrong command! It’s different from a windows or mac environment and it needs a bit to get used to it, but after that, it works pretty fine.

As I was using it for a computational lab for school I also found out there is a Linux version for Microsoft Teams.


I installed Ubuntu on my iMac (partitioned) because my macs were so old I couldn’t run the newest versions of php and some other things. It’s been really easy to set up a coding environment when there are so many clear tutorials. If you get stuck on anything, let me know. I am still learning, but have worked through some issues that you may encounter soon enough.

I watched a great tutorial online about the Linux/Ubuntu file structure and the meaning of all the .bin/usr/etc folders. I highly suggest doing that. Don’t worry about taking notes, but just to have an awareness of what’s out there. And as others have already posted, back up your data frequently in case you royally mess up. :wink:

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