Newbie Question about Profile

Sorry for the newbie question, but what is the number in square brackets [ ] that keeps changing?

Hi wtsampler! I’m a newbie in the platform as well, but I think it’s the total number of “items” that we’ve completed that are highlighted in the calendar.

Those are your brownie points. ( @TefiC is close, but not quite correct )
Forum Wiki: Free Code Camp Brownie Points

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Thanks @ArielLeslie! Very interesting.

Thanks @ArielLeslie for the answer!

You get a point for each exercise you complete… as well as the thanks you’s you might get for helping other campers out in the gitter helpRooms

as an aside, if you click that [XXXXX] it will load your Profile page and you can see all the exercises you completed (your progress! :smiley: ), links to their solutions, and any projects you have completed as well…

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