Newbie's Portfolio 1st draft- feedback welcome

finished my 1st draft portfolio, not completely happy with it, but u gotta start somewhere, right?
Any feedback appreciated (assuming u got nothing better to do ;))

the only thing id say is that picture you have in your photography div you can mess with the css properties of your (padding-right) because that image goes off the screen a little to the right. I’m just starting too lol

hey, thanks for reply,
so yeah there’s that img, but I guess the real problem and no.1 on to do list is to make the whole design responsive.
again, thanks for your time and good luck with your work!

came up with a new portfolio, if anyone feels like taking a look:


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wow, you’re definitely making progress there - that is looking a lot better

+1 for responsiveness, too

one thing I noticed is that when you click the links, they don’t become active, it always stays on the “Home” link

I really like the direction you’re taking it

Not a code comment but a design one: Will the image of the photographer be your portrait? It would be nice to see your face.

Looking great! I love how you’ve improved the website since the first version.
Suggestions for code:

  • Since you’re already using Bootstrap, consider using the Scrollspy feature so that the navigation links are active when you are in the applicable section. For example, when you are in the Portfolio section, the Portfolio link at the top is active.

  • Center the footer text or add a left margin- the beginning of the text gets a little cut off when you are at smaller screen widths.

  • Play around with margins and font sizes a bit more —for example the text in the About section looks very large especially in comparison to the navigation bar text.

Keep up the great work!

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Thank u guys for giving my portfolio a bit of your time.
@gracenut - will try to fix the nav after weekend,

@winterfive - grabbed that pic since it was right there on the desktop, for a real portfolio, of course will use sth more appropriate, cheers

@stella-yc thanks for the tips, dtill a lot to learn, wasnt aware of scrollspy feature

thanks again and enjoy the weekend guys!