Newly certified SQL Server, seeks advice

I’m a long time (18 years) IBM AS400 PA, long out of work. I passed a couple of Microsoft exams, earning their MCSA certification this week. I’m well into my 60s now, seeking a way back into professional programming for another five years. For the experience and satisfaction, I’m eager to volunteer my time and skills to assist others who wish to code for a living. The mission of freeCodeCamp appeals to me. I would love to teach a course on SQL Server, which I know very well now, but haven’t used professionally. Any advice about that?

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Off the top of my head, you could find create databases for a local church. It could be data on active members, former members and dead members. I remember my father was trying to store old gravestone information from grave rubbings to a spreadsheet. Collect enough data and see if you can link it up to genealogy websites.

Other than that, you might be able to apply a SQL server to a Point Of Sale system for a small retailer. Run queries to see what sells, when it sells, what coupons work, customer feedback, etc. to streamline products.

Good ideas! I’ll make some calls today…