News about freeCodeCamp

Is there a place where to look for news about FCC? There is an About page with links to all sorts of social accounts. They mostly discuss the current state of FCC or they share insights and news about various technologies outside of FCC. But what about FCC itself? It’s evolving, you can see it, when you look around, but is there a place where you can quickly check, which new things were added, which current things were improved? I’ve checked FCC github repository, but I couldn’t find any release notes typical for other similar projects. I could check each commit, but thats quite tedious.

Which channels and/or places do you check to stay up-to-date with FCC itself?

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Wow I just looked through Quincy’s profile on Quora. I knew he wrote a lot there but wow there’s so much great information. I will have to start reading through all of that, I’m sure there is a lot to learn.

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There used to be a Camper news feed. That was replaced with Reddit (barf). That was then replaced/supplemented with Medium. Now it’s more like the Forum is supplemented with Medium and Reddit is slowly dying (yay! Although that is where I first saw @bonham000’s awesome Dungeon crawler). There’s usually a discreet little modal on the main site with updates, too.

I’m not even an old timer and there have been a bunch of changes already to keep up with new tech and opportunities.

Next week, I heard, Quincy will transform into a Pokemon to spread the word in local parks and public spaces…

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Oh, cool. You found that elusive announcement. I was beginning to think you’d dreamt it :wink: