Updates to FCC?

Is there any way to see what FCC staff / volunteers / etc. are currently working on? The course map has a lot of “coming soon” sections and it would be great to know what’s about to come out. If there is no such thing, it would be great to have.

A very good question, but has been answered before. I hope this helps, but please use the search up top on the forum before creating a new topic. :thumbsup:

This may be something worth linking to from FCC’s About page, or directly from the Map. Or pin it to the top of the forum. If there’s a “coming soon,” people are going to want to know if and when it’s coming. :slight_smile:

FCC is open source. While the awesomeness of it escaped me until I learned (through FCC) about using git and github to push to my own repos, now I eagerly search out various open source projects on github to learn more about what’s on their cutting edge.

Free code camp’s curriculum development issues can all be seen here, no special permission needed: