What happened to the FCC Facebook groups and chat rooms?

Returning camper here. Tried FCC a couple years back but didn’t stick with it and have decided to give learning web dev another go. A lot has changed. I like the new site design and re-structuring of the curriculum - easier to digest and less intimidating for sure. However, probably the single most important factor (so I’ve been told) in learning to code is doing it with others. But what happened to the FCC community? The geographically specific Facebook groups? The weekly local meetups? The chat rooms with instant access to a 24/7 community? Has it really been reduced to just a forum? And if the Facebook groups, local meet ups, 24/7 online chat rooms, etc, still exist, why aren’t they mentioned in the beginning of the curriculum or linked to from the website at all? It’s just confusing. FCC has clearly put a lot of thought and work into becoming better since I left which is awesome, but I can’t wrap my head around why the single most important and beneficial aspect of FCC has seemingly been removed in the process? @QuincyLarson

Welcome back! The community is still thriving!

Many of the Gitter rooms were retired simply because they were a little redundant. Some of them are still active - but the contributors one is the only one I visit regularly.

Meetups and local FB groups are managed locally. Most cities and many regional centres have meetups still - you can try and find something local here:

You may also like the #freeCodeCamp twitter hash tag, and #100daysOfCode, which was started by a prominent camper a while back.

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