No test button to submit the result

There is no test button to submit test results. Why? In what way can I get a certificate, if I can’t pass all the tests, because I don’t have an active test button? Thank you!

This is a typical case.It is better if you make a screenshot of the Error/Problem what your are exactly facing.
Generally for every one there will be a set of options like shown below,
These above options are displayed at the left side bottom of the Page.
Just try to scroll down in the left side of the screen.

And I can’t scroll the page to see the run the tests button

Hii I think its a bug for Mozilla firefox maybe I experienced it earlier this day. It works fine on chrome/chromium and if you still want to use it in Mozilla try adjusting the width and then scrolling will be enabled.
Happy Coding

Like Chaitanyagiri said it is a bug in Firefox ,try to update to the latest version of Firefox or install Midori or Chromium(chrome). And also make sure that java script is enabled on Firefox. :slight_smile: