My Run The Tests Button wont work

Hello everyone…
This is my First time to FCC this year (I stsrted coding here last year and made significant progress. ).
I would like to pickup from where I stopped but my " Run The Test" Button wont work on all the exercises I have tried.
The other buttons “RESET” and “ASK” work but not “RUN”
so I cant do any exercises.

what could be the problem please?

What do you mean when you say the the button “won’t work”? If you don’t pass all the test, you won’t see anything dramatic happen on the screen, but if you look at the box below the code editor, you should see indication that the tests ran:

// running test
test results
// tests completed

Thanks Ariel…
what I noticed is that when I complete an activity, I only see
//running test
and that’s where the application stops/hangs.

Are you by any chance using Edge, IE, or Safari as your browser? These have decided not to implement new features of JS and CSS according to web standards and as a result they often exhibit unintended (and frustrating) behavior.

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I’m actually experiencing the same thing. My browser is Chrome and it just stays on the //running tests part but never progresses to my actual result.

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Yeah, same problem on
Basic JavaScript: Using Objects for Lookups
Using chrome… I notice when I reset the code the run button works with the standard content… when I modify the content, clicking run has no effect.
Progress halted it seems.

I am using chrome and I also have a problem with my “Run the Tests” button not working. It is an intermittent problem. Although on some challenges, like “Use Multiple Conditional (Ternary) Operators” and “Use the Rest Operator with Function Parameters” the tests have failed to run for weeks now.

I have noticed that sometimes removing an error in my code causes the tests to run again. This is usually simple stuff like a missing semicolon.

I recommend that you write your best attempt at the challenge, then look at the solution on the forum or just skip that challenge for now. It only really needs to work for the certification challenges, I guess.