Nodejs and Glitch

i am trying to start with Basic Node and Express here at freeCodeCamp. And its first thing to do is to do the console.log (see learnDOTfreecodecampDOTorg/apis-and-microservices/basic-node-and-express/meet-the-node-console) which I did on my JavaScript in my Glitch account (which I am a first time user). When I did the ‘Show’ in Glitch and checked the console via browser Development Tools, it did show the Hello World that they are requiring. However, when I do the Ctrl+Enter to check on my work by providing the link from Glitch, it is not accepted. My link by the way from Glitch and the one also that I put as URL is this storm-bearDOTglitchDOTme/

Could anyone give me a hint on what could be wrong here? Thank you. GOD bless.

@edper Based on what you have stated I think the missing piece is the inherent difference between front-end vs back-end. Both the front-end and back-end have a console.

In these exercises, when the console is being referenced it is most likely talking about the console on the back end.

In Glitch if you look at the left menu bar there should be a Logs button that will open up the console log panel. This will tell you if you have any errors (just like with the browser console/front-end) as well as if your "Hello World" was printed in the console (again this is the back-end console that is being referenced here). Here is an example of what was outputted for me.

Node is listening on port 3000...

hello world

I hope this helps. I also struggled with this lesson when I first started working with Node. There are definitely some differences between front-end and back-end development tools but there are also many similarities, especially when using Node.

Use this boilerplate!/import/github/freeCodeCamp/boilerplate-express/
to pass the tests , modify the server.js files for the tasks. All the boilerplates you need for each section are in the instructions, FYI

Yes, you’re right I forgot it should be on the server side. I thought for awhile that they just want to simply test in the console for Hello World whether server side or client side. Thanks for your help.

Thank you for this boiler plate. I started with a new project using node express. But unfortunately the tester still could not detect that Hello World is in the console which it is in fact is there and is shown when I click the Logs button.

Below is my log.

And this is the error that I received:

I was also stuck on this step. What worked for me is sharing the “Live App” link instead of the “Project Page”