Question about Node Exercise

I’m a bit stuck since yesterday when I’m trying to go on with the " Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console" exercise, it says if I’m using Glitch, I need to print to console the Hello World, but I’m doing this using a script tag on the HTML, but it doesn’t work at all, have tried other places too and nothing works, and really didn’t get the explanation about the Glitch console, because I click to open it and it stays Black, and nothing is shown, I can’t even type. Anyone could explain to me what could I do?

Also, I would like to know a good source to deploy this project to keep using a deployable way rather than Glitch, this thing seems a bit buggy.

Thank you so much!


There is a correct link at the beginning of the section with a new Glitch Repository Link!

  • Why are using a script tag in the html ?

  • Are you logged into glitch?

  • Post your glitch link here

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Also, being logged into Glitch through GitHub seems to be a big factor here.

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Guys, Thanks for the reply, i solved, I was just using the incorrect version of glitch repository. So my current section need another Glitch project.

Ty for the Help.