Non-coding challenge technical interview

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to see other’s thoughts on this subject : I have an interview with a large company soon where besides the expected behavioral questions I was told I should prepare for technical questions. The technical aspect will cover “questions to understand what resources you use for problem solving and your thought process behind it.” Oddly, they mentioned coding challenges would not be asked.

Does anyone have any suggestions or suggested resources I can look into for a technical interview such as this? Many thanks!

Most like it’s system design questions, most common is the how would you design [insert famous product] questions. By design, I don’t mean aesthetics, rather how you would build something like say, Twitter. What tool would you use, what problems do you consider, how do you implement certain features front to back

It reads like they just want to try and figure out how you think about problems.

This isn’t odd. Kata-style challenges are often memorisation exercises, same with algorithms/data structures. Lots of people despise whiteboard-style challenges, same with take-home, and they often measure the wrong thing anyway. The company are trying to hire someone to solve some problems, but it’s very difficult to figure out whether a person would be a good hire. Just finding out how they would approach trying to solve a problem is probably as useful as anything else. I assume that they’ll ask how you would approach a task, and they aren’t looking for the specific technical answer 🤷 it might be something different, but it doesn’t read like it is

Thanks for the input.

So just had the interview. Well they ended up asking me technical questions, what the outputs of specific code would be and I had one whiteboard problem. I feel I did a little better than ok.

Moral of the story : despite what your recruiter tells you will be in the technical, prepare for everything :nerd_face: