[noob] any reason i cannot cut/copy/paste in codeopen?


On my way to my 2nd project (portfolio), i wonder why i cannot cut/copy/paste line of code in codeopen.
It would ease my life so much.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is it a standard limitation? (because that would be one !!)

What browser are you using? Copy & paste works well for me

Are you trying to cut and paste snippets already in codepen, or are you trying to copy a website on your computer to codepen or from codepen to your computer?

My own code-snippets.

safari. Maybe that is why.

Ok, let me ask you this. Are you able to literally copy/paste, but what you copy/paste doesn’t work, or are you not able to copy/paste anything at all?

Have you tried using the keyboard shortcuts ctrl+c, ctrl+v?

It’s working perfectly fine for me in Chrome…


Thanks guy. I will precise the problem for precision but the solution is to quit safari (to use google chrome , at least).

I Appreciate the effort.

in safari:
What I can do is cut/copy and paste a single line of code. But as soon as I try on multiple lines at the same time, it is not possible anymore.
May I say, on top of it, that what i want to do is act FROM codeopen and not TO codeopen.

Like i said, nevermind. It is happening in Safari.

Thanks Guys