Noob, trying to choose a MOOC!

Hello! How did you all settle on freeCodeCamp? I have light personal python knowledge, and I’m enjoying it! But I’m struggling to decide my next, more formal/academic steps. I think I want to pursue C# and JavaScript, I’m not ready for a bootcamp but I do have a lot of nights-and-weekends flexibility.

How do I choose a MOOC? There are just so many! I love freeCodeCamp at face value, but everything after the Quality Assurance seems a little less applicable to my desired career path. I like Coursera and edX next, but they’re focused and make me feel like I should already know exactly what I want to pursue. Udemy and several others seem best for hand-picking niche/refined topics.

Any advice is appreciated.

I love FreeCodeCamp, but if I were going to learn JavaScript again, it would be through a mix of FCC and a site like Scrimba. They use a literal visual style of learning where you hear the instructor and watch them code as though it were an interactable video but it’s a video you can stop and make your own edits to. You’ll see the instructor coding almost as if it’s in real time, and you can step in and make edits and test those out at any point in time. It’s absolutely freaking awesome!

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This is extremely helpful, thank you! So I will happily accept a paid, pro membership to something like a Coursera or Scrimba to supplement the free, existing FCC structure.

For my next question then, would you be able to describe or explain, why Scrimba over Coursera, CodeAcademy, or a hand-picked paid offering from Udemy? Is it primarily a preference for how Scrimba teaches/interacts?

Scrimba does have paid courses, but there are quite a few courses you can access totally for free. For me, I’d choose to supplement an FCC curriculum with Scrimba because of the interactivity.

I think a combination of lessons and interactivity make for strong foundations, especially in the web development side of things. And I’m speaking as the Lead Software Engineer for a company for almost 7 years now with no degree.


Thank you so much for the reassurance and taking the time to offer your advice, I appreciate it.