Noob: your knowledge methodology, please


I recently began freecodecamp after a research of available online ressources.
I just finished the 1st Front-end 15 hours. And I am actually in the 1st projet.

I realized how ignorant I was of HTML, despite all the 110 (first) exercices were quite easy for me.
I used W3schools tutorial to help me find some information rapidly , during my Read-Research-Ask time.
So my question is:

-Do you guys use other ressources in general ? like online
-Do you use “bible” books too ?

In both case please advise me good ones.

Oups. I feel stupid.
I just discovered the "guide"section of freecodecamp, which contains lot of informations about the language. the kind of recapitulation I was looking for.
Better late than never, hey.

Still, any suggestion of books or useful online ressources may help me. Thx.

Absolutely. The ability to find and understand outside resources (almost exclusively online these days) is one of the most important skills I have as a professional developer.

Almost never. The only exception for me is The Horse Book (Linux in a Nutshell) but if I didn’t already own it I probably wouldn’t buy it.

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Thanks I appreciate.