Not able to claim my Foundational C# with Microsoft certification

Hi ,
I have finished all modules in C# Foundational certification and scored 73.8% on the exam but not able to claim my certification.

I tried below but still not able to claim.

  1. Cleared my browser cache and logout from freecodecamp and login again.
  2. I have my profile, my timeline and my certificates set to public.
  3. Agreed to the Academy Honesty Pledge
    but none of above doesn’t solve the issue . Please can you help me to claim my certification.

Thanks in Advance.

Welcome to fCC Forum @AparnaR !

Congratulations on completing C# Foundational Certification.

I only achieved the first trophy so far.

The following article may be able to help you resolve the issue with trying to verify and receive your certification.

I hope the article can help you!

Happy coding!

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Hi Gray,

Thanks for your reply. I earned all my trophies from Microsoft side and created transcript link successfully. But still not able to claim.


Congratulations for completing the full course!

Sorry! I thought the above link may help as it helps with people who are having difficulty with their trophy achievements.

Were you able to receive all of you trophies without any issue?

If so, then, I think it will require much more skilled help than I can provide. But, they all come and help us.

Support staff for freeCodeCamp are amazing, and so good to help us through difficulties.

I hope it is fixed soon for you!

Keep up your great progress @AparnaR !

Welcome @AparnaR ,

I was unable to reproduce any issues claiming the C# certification.

I suggest reaching out to using your freeCodeCamp-associated email address so we can take a look at your account to see if there are any issues.

Thank you

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Thank for your reply. I login to freeCodeCamp with personal laptop and now I can see my certification . Not able to claim from my office laptop .


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