We were unable to verify your trophy from Microsoft's learning platform

We were unable to verify your trophy from Microsoft’s learning platform.

I have been getting this message when I am trying to connect with my microsoft account to get “Free certification by freeCodeCamp & Microsoft”

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Thanks. Let me do this.

verifying the trophy doesn’t work for me. Just going to leave the site and go straight to Microsoft modules and do it there. Thanks for nothing “freeCodeCamp”…

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Hi James. I’m sorry to hear, that you seem to have problems with verifying your trophies. You have to do the modules on Microsoft Learn in any case, because you need the trophies to get the verification on freeCodeCamp if you want to get the cerificate. I hope you can find some help in the thread linked below. I first had a problem too, but after I created a new Transcription Link on my Microsoft Learn Profile Page it went smoothly. In any case, I wish you a great day.

I have the same issue.

My transcript link is really of the form https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/users/<user>/transcript/<id>.
Still, when I click Verify Trophy, the server responds with 500 Server error, {"type":"error","message":"Unable to validate trophy"}.

Hi. I had the same issue with verifying my trophies. I could fix it by removing the current Transcription link on my Microsoft Larn Profile, create a new one and then share this new one. After copying the new shared Transcription link into freeCodeCamp’s tropyh checker, the trophy was instantly verified. The only caveat here is, that if you already shared your Microsoft Learn Transcript to anyone before with the old link, you would have to give them the new one, because the old one will no longer work for them.

This did not fix it for me

Sad to hear that. Only other idea I have at this point, when all other things are already checked (completed all modules, answered all questions on fCC, earned the trophy on MS Learn, shared Transcription link, linked MS account with fCC) is to try it in a private or inkognito browser session. It still seems to be a big issue for many people. Sorry, can’t help you with a better answer.

Hey everyone, please make sure you have earned the trophy on Microsoft’s site before you try to verify it - you should be able to see it when looking at the trophies area of your achievements page. Note that badges and trophies are not the same.

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Hi @moT01 - A good tip. :blush: I did not even think about, that somebody would try to verify it, while not having earned it.

Yeah I answered all of the questions but still, I haven’t received any trophy. :man_shrugging:how it works? :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I had the same problem, and I finally found the solution. I had to complete this learning path on Microsoft Learn:


This worked for me.


I had difficulty with the first provided code after completing the lessons for the Trophy.

However, I was able to access the Transcript area by going to the bottom of the list on the Achievements page. Once in the Transcript area, I was able to access the Transcription Settings, and choose to Create a new link. The new link includes the necessary information to connect the Microsoft Learn transcription and lessons progress, with freeCodeCamp Microsoft C# Training Course.

If you have shared the current link with anybody, once the new link is created the current one is void. This means you would need to share the updated link with anybody who has the current link.

Keep up your great progress! :slight_smile: