Write Your First Code Using C#

every time i try to verfy my trofy with microsoft account i got this error message :
We were unable to verify your trophy from Microsoft’s learning platform.
what should i do


I hope the following is able to assist you in connecting the Microsoft Transcription information with your freeCodeCamp C# Microsoft Course to receive the recognition for your trophy.

This is how the Achievements Page should appear. By clicking on the transcript at the bottom of the Achievements page, you can choose Transcript Settings and choose Share this link. This provides an option to create a new link.
I clicked on the trophy and it shows this.

Hopefully, this can help resolve the issue.

I hope this helps you.

But, even more, I hope the link you had helps connect you to freeCodeCamp to receive the recognition for completing the Trophy requirements.

Keep up your great progress on this coding journey! :slight_smile: