Write Your First Code Using C#

I can not verify trophy.
Error: We were unable to verify your trophy from Microsoft’s learning platform.


Did you complete all of the lessons and receive the trophy link on Microsoft Learn while signed into your Microsoft account through freeCodeCamp C# ?

If so, I suggest the following because I could not verify my first one, either.

Make sure all lessons have been completed.
Check the link provide for the trophy to see if it includes the transcript user and id within the link.
If it does not include this information in the link, create a new link by accessing the option in the transcript area.
If you have provided the current link to anybody, you will need to provide the new link to them. The current link is cancelled once a new one is made.
Try entering the new link into freeCodeCamp C#.

Congratulations on your progress!

I hope this helps you! :slight_smile: