Not able to code daily

I came to know about Freecodecamp about about an year ago started to learn and I am always struggling to learn code. My problem is that I am not able to code daily and for long time. Can anyone guide me about the same?

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Why you HAVE to code daily?
What’s your goal?

What is the reason behind your struggle?
Is it learning difficulties in general, or trouble with motivation? Is it lack of time/energy because you try to code after 10 hours of work and household duties?

To leave you with something useful, I’d share what I do. If I learn something new, I try to do this while working on a project I find interesting. Learning by actually doing something useful is a great way to learn

If u stress u self way to much u will never learn any thing see it as fun thing to do if u have fun u gonna learn it … And u don’t need do it every day beside u want to finish it quickly … Your brain is like your body if u force it to much it can lead to injury and u get demotivated and u get a burnout … I can remember when i worked and i was tired and did not wanted to do because i as forcing my self … Take a slow approach if u manage to get some time in the week end or some day else spend as much u can.

Well, the way I do it is to learn from more than one platform. This motivates me since not every learning platform is perfect, all of them are unique in their one way. I use:

I also code 4-5 days a week. If you’re not motivated, nobody is forcing you to code every day. When I have a burnout, a sense of failure, etc., I take a small break. There is always something different in coding. When I’m bored or have no ideas, I take a look at another of 1000 coding blogs. Also, something very important is not to code alone. I like to collaborate with others on projects. If that is all enough for you, nobody should stop you from taking a 2-4 day break. If you are struggling with your learning program, take your time. Also, Walk before you run! That is SUPER important. When I started to learn HTML, I was already starting to learn CSS. That was not a good idea. It just slowed me down. Never Learn anything that does not interest you. Again, there is nothing wrong with taking a break. Everybody has their own difficult times! Never give up, though. To wrap things up, I have a few tips for you to stay motivated:

  • Make sure this is actually something you want to do
  • Start small, celebrate the little things, and build, build, build!
  • work and learn with others, not alone
  • keep a portfolio to keep track of all the cool things you’ve learned
  • stay balanced, meaning: Don’t overdo things. Don’t underdo things. Don’t give up. Don’t burnout
    Hope this helped you @codingninja :slight_smile:
    have a nice day and Happy coding!

Thanks a lot for this,

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