Not seeing changes in local dev env

Hi just set up the local FCC environment. I followed this

The server is running and I see the app at localhost:8000 but my changes are not reflected. The server does not receive a visible ping when I hit it, but I maybe the logs are turned off so this is expected. I seeded and connected to the DB.

So I go to http://localhost:8000/learn/javascript-algorithms-and-data-structures/es6/write-higher-order-arrow-functions since this is the issue I am working on. Something as simple as changing a word does not show up.

I have no errors of any kind. How is this supposed to work?

Am I in the correct place to see my changes even

Any changes will require you to rerun npm run develop to see the changes.

Yeah. This is what I get:

Do you mean I need to restart the server after every save? Even if so, I just did and my changes are not there.

I’m probably loading the wrong file. Currently I am working on a file curriculum/challenges/english/02-javascript-algorithms-and-data-structures/es6/ and using tha URL http://localhost:8000/learn/javascript-algorithms-and-data-structures/es6/write-higher-order-arrow-functions

Might need to reseed the db, but not 100% sure.

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I reran all the npm scripts, including the db seed, and my changes are reflected.

But I need to run npm run bootstrap in order to view my changes every time. Not reflected on save. It’s very difficult for me to develop this way. Is this the normal workflow?