Not very far and already problems

Up to “Comment out HTML”, only the 6th lesson. When typing the two dashes on my Ipad, they don’t look the same as in the instructions and it says, “null is not an object.” So I do it on my PC, hit “Run the tests” and nothing happens. It just sits there.

This is an Apple device problem. You need to go into your settings. There is a feature called something like “smart punctuation” that you need to disable. Otherwise your iPad will not allow you to type the correct symbols.

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Thanx mucho. Really wondering if this is beyond me if I’m tripped up already! Thanks for you help

In this case it was just a device issue, but I want you to know that you will get stuck. It will happen early and it will happen often. This is hard. Students get confused and frustrated and turned around in circles. If you expect it to be a smooth ride, you will be disappointed.

Thanks, Ariel. I needed that! I'm enjoying the challenge but at times feel so dumb. Keeping on, though, and making progress. 
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