Npm went wrong suddenly

well all of a sudden i want to run npm start on my project and it went wrong for no reason .
I upload the log . Is there anyone who can help me solving the issue

From the log, It looks like you might have a type, or stray/unexpected token.

Can you post the full log, because it looks like it got cutoff at the top.

These are whole log photos

Try to check your code if there is some typos in them.

Acctually everywhere i run the npm is like that . I think it doesn’t realtes to the app

What version of npm did you have. You can check this using the npm -v. You can always try to update npm by using npm install -g npm@latest

As i said ,no npm stuff works on my computer,
I’ve tried npm -v but again i encounter the same error

Try re-installing Nodejs. It usually also includes npm,You have to uninstall Nodejs first, then re-install it from the website.

I did it several times but ig gave error 2330 every single time

Is this similar to what you got?

The first sentence is similar but the second sentence give me the 2330 error

If you google error code 2330, it says that it can be caused by a Windows File corruption/file damage.

Yes , but i cannot do anything with the files

That UI looks like Windows XP, and node hasn’t supported XP for almost five years now.

He is using Windows 10, on this screenshot here it’s on Windows 10:

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Try opening Command Prompt as Administrator (THIS IS IMPORTANT), then just type in CHKDSK /F. This will make Windows check your system files for file corruptions or errors and then try to fix it. You might also need to add more parameters. Here’s the full documentations