Oddly disjointed python course?

Hey there, newer dev here!

Slight note.

I have some slight hobbyist work done in making a few smaller games in C#, so I am unsure if that is carrying me through the Python course.

But; Is it just me or does the python course seem disjointed?

I’ve come to realize that a few chapters in I am supposed to be turning in my Python code to the Py4e website, which I have not been doing as I like to edit my code beyond what the video is asking.

(I am also stubborn as I don’t know where I was supposed to read this information from and didn’t want to go through all the chapters again)

But sometimes the videos don’t line up, or seem to skip over what the subject was originally about only to get back on course like a chapter later.

Sometimes the questions asked on the freecodecamp website don’t seem relevant to the video topic, etc.

Is the py4e website so crucial to the course here on FreeCodeCamp that I’m missing things?

Also small nitpick but the exercise links are so small underneath the video, I didn’t realize I had skipped a bunch of them initially and had go back and do the ones I missed.

the python curse is in alpha version, the interactive curriculum is being developed and will replace the videos when completed

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Ah! Thank you for the clarification. I appreciate it, I thought I was missing chunks of information somewhere.

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