Odin - Portfolio Page. Looking for feedback

Hey readers!

I made the portfolio page and I am quite pleased with a number of things I learned making it. At one point I even restarted the whole project, so that I could make the code cleaner. I am posting the page here hoping some of you can give me some feedback about how the page feels.

There is one thing that I couldn’t figure out, so I was wondering that some of you know how to fix it. I have text, pictures and forms in 2 columns that are in a row. I want to make it so that it draws the picture in the centre of the column and not at the right side. How should I do that?

here is the link to my codepen: https://codepen.io/OdinJorna/pen/vZxjPo?editors=1100

I am using an older browser that is not compatible with bootstrap 4, so I can’t really give a proper assesment of your page.

As for the positioning issues try adjusting the padding with CSS.
.col-6 {
padding-left: 90px;

Thanks for your suggestion! I tried it out with various numbers but it didn’t work out the way I wanted, unfortunately.