Offering tutoring for basic javascript challenges

Hey People if you are new to FCC or just looking to review, I am available daily for a few hours on screenhero (app) from 2-4pm pacific time :smile:

My gitter handle is @tommygebru

Just looking to work on basic concepts…
Gradually I would like to include intermediate and advanced concepts :thumbsup:


Hi Tommy :slight_smile:

Thanks for being kind enough to offer your help! I’ve been learning Javascript for a few months now. I’ve gone through CodeCademy, Code School, read and re-read first five chapters of Eloquent Javascript, and have completed most of the easy problems on CoderByte, but I still feel very lacking in basic things and feel like I’m very slow when it comes to general problem solving. I feel like I could really benefit from having someone to watch me code (work on easy problems at CoderByte or CodeWars), critique me, and help me get into the habit of vocalizing my thought process clearly. Can I add you on screenhero?