Old and Where to Start

Hi Guys,

Long story, I lost my company due to COVID, had a small graphic design and manufacturing company.
I’m now 45 years old and need to make the next 20+ years count in a big way. Am I to old to get into IT?
Have moved from South Africa to Scotland and secured a job in academic administration, eternally grateful for the job I have, but it is limiting in terms of career growth.
However 6 months down the line I feel I need to get back inti IT (I used to work in IT support for about 12 years, more desktop and network support etc)

Ok getting back into IT seems to be a bit of a different ballgame now, I really like to do design and "making websites and things work - I get great satifaction being able to build something and seeing it work)

So my question is 2 fold:

  1. Am I to old to start IT now?
  2. What direction should I go into: Responsive Web Design; AWS; Azure; Full Stack Development; Project Management
    Need to go into somehting that makes good money and also a good career path.

Can anyone recommend a good course I can start with or just jump headfirst into Freecodecamp? (Looked at Coursea Plus; Udemy and also some bootcamps but prices are high) I would gladly do a free course and then try ge the cert.
Looking forward to hearing from you guru’s out there.

Best Wishes,

  1. I say no - but no guarantee. It’s never too late to learn web-programming-stuff. Learning has no age limit.
  2. I think it’s a good idea you start here with the courses from the top down. Maybe you can get a taste of the backend course. You might just find this one, even though it won’t come until much later. Presumably this is not the case. Then maybe higher up. I wrote my first program 35 years ago (a language perhaps no one knows today and I have a feeling that knowledge gets old fast). It’s a bit of a mental thing. Rather slowly or like to touch a big chunk.
    wish u good luck + fun
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I’m 47 and only started coding (completely from scratch) a couple of years ago, when my government told me I was ‘unviable’ :rofl:

I started at the top of the FCC Curriculum and worked my way through the certifications in order. I’m on my 8th certification now. I’d recommend you do the same. You may well be a lot quicker than me, as I have three other jobs and a family to contend with so don’t have much spare time!


I would suggest learning Javascript first since it’s a language that can be used for almost anything

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