To old to start?

Wondering if I’m being realistic in going through the courses. I am 57 and was laid off from my job in the health care industry last year due to Covid. My particular field has a glut of new graduates who sometimes struggle to find jobs where they want, and they have a different degree than I got 30 years ago that emphasizes clinical aspect of my profession more. I’m hoping that with my experience in my field and by learning as much about coding as I can it would make me attractive to healthcare software companies, but even in my own field it seems I’m experiencing some age discrimination even though it is technically unlawful. Looking for advice if I might be to old for companies to take seriously.


It depends on how much time you could give in coding. If you don’t know anything about coding I would suggest to go through the first few exercises of and see how fast are you heading up there, a practice of 2 or 3 days would be enough. Anyone can learn coding and build stuff at any age, but it really depends on how the industry at your place is treating you in the times of COVID-19. Many have lost jobs in this pandemic and options of remote jobs look lucrative at these times. However, it is better to find out what technologies healthcare software companies are using and find a course that suits to that rather than be limited to initial web development which is in If you are familiar with coding, then welcome! It would be the good step to learn it properly this time and make some use of it.

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