Open SOurce Project Contribution

I am new to open source. How should I start


I know about this. how will I start this to run on my browser?

What do you want to run in your browser?

that’s the github repo, you can read the contributing documentation for each project you want to contribute to. Often they are linked in the README that you can see below the list of files

What’s your current skill level? Contributing to open source requires at least some knowledge as to how you could contribute and where. You don’t have to be a developer extraordinaire, or even a developer at all. But you do need to roughly know where you could help contribute, or a rough idea of where you’d like to contribute.

From there you’ll have to know a few things, like how to use Github, and possibly how to use git. You’d also need to know at least 1 “domain skill”, which is essentially some skill you’d like to leverage to contribute. It could be development skills, or something like translation skills, or providing information only you know about (like reporting a bug), or even just being able to read/write clear documentation.

Contributing to open source can initially seem daunting, and oftentimes feels overwhelming. This is a natural feeling you are essentially trying to change something you probably don’t completely understand, and that “unknown” element can be scary. This feeling usually gets worse with larger codebases, like freeCodeCamp.

FreeCodeCamp understands this and provides documentation on different aspects of the project to hopefully provide enough resources for anyone to find something that matches their skill level.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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