OS X `/usr/local/bin` help me!

Due to apples determination to market their computers as “rootless” they have really thrown a wrench in our ability to put certain things in our $PATHS.

git for instance comes preinstalled, but it is apples version (which I do not love for my own reasons) and stored in /usr/bin/git, and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get it into/usr/local/bin. I have tried mv-ing it, I have tried making it an alias, I have tried making the other an alias. I even went into recovery mode, into terminal and disabled (I do not recommend diabling SIP for any reason) SIP with csrutil disable- . Anyone have any better ideas?

P:S: I cant remember if it was csrutil exactly, i did it late last night. It did in fact disable SIP but that didn’t fix the base issue.